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Safety is our first priority in extreme winter weather

The safety of all our students is the first priority when determining if schools should stay open in extreme winter weather. The decision to close school is a serious one, and it affects many working families who would have to take a day off of work or find day care on short notice. Some families do not have these options and their children may be left home alone. Often, children are more at risk when we close school.

Where can I get information on school closings due to weather?

Noble will share information about school closings in the following procedures:
  • Phone message from Noble Academy
  • School website
  • Channel 11 or Kare 11. If closed, Noble will be listed on the screen.
Those responsible for activities scheduled in schools over the weekend determine whether or not an activity will be held if weather is a concern.

How cold does it have to be to close school?
In making this decision, district officials rely on the National Weather Service's warning system. If the National Weather Service issues a "wind chill warning" stating that exposed skin can become frostbitten in less than 15 minutes, then the district will likely make a decision to close. If a wind chill advisory is in effect, students who are properly dressed for the weather should be able to walk to school or wait for the bus without risking frostbite.

What if I am concerned about the weather and school is in session?
In case of very extreme winter weather, parents/guardians have the final decision on whether or not to send their children to school. If school is open, students are expected to attend. However, if parents/guardians they feel their children would be in danger they can choose to keep them home. The absence will be excused if the parent/guardian calls to report it prior to the start of school. If the school is not contacted, the student will not receive an excused absence. Students who are already in school will not be excused if they choose to go home.