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Lost and Found

One of our goals at Noble Academy is to teach our students responsibility in caring for their equipment and personal items. Please talk to your children about caring for their personal property and marking each item boldly with your child’s name.
In the event something goes missing, engineers place all items (uniforms, shoes, stationary, etc...) found on the premises into the ‘lost and found’ box in front of Student Service. Please check the lost and found box first. All items left in the lost and found box at the end of each trimester will be donated to a local charity.
If your child has misplaced an item, the school will not accept liability, however, if you have lost something important, and cannot find it after looking in the lost and found box and classroom, please leave a description of your item at Student Service. We will keep a look out for it and call you with any findings. If you have questions please contact Noble Academy. Thank you.